Processed Japan’s request seeking over flight clearance: India

India on Thursday refuted the Japanese media report that it did not allow over-flight clearance to its aircraft carrying humanitarian assistance for Ukraine, with the Ministry of External Affairs saying that the request was processed as per the established norms.

Replying to a media query in the weekly briefing here, MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said: “We had also received a request for over-flight clearance for Japanese SDF (Self-Defense Force) aircraft carrying humanitarian cargo for Ukraine. This was processed and approved as per established norms.”

He also said that India had received a request from Japan for permission to land in Mumbai to pick up humanitarian supplies from the UNHCR depot for Ukraine and its neighbouring countries, and had “conveyed our approval for picking of such supplies from India using commercial aircraft”.

Japan had also sought permission from India for its plane meant to deliver humanitarian aid to displaced Ukrainians to land in the country.

ccording to the media reports, the Japanese government had planned to have a SDF plane load supplies such as blankets at a stopover in India and transport them to Ukraine’s neighbors, including Poland and Romania.

The aid was requested by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees depot at Mumbai.




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