Producer Rana feels Rhea Chakraborty deserves better

Recently there was news that Rhea Chakraborty has been offered a Bengali film which is being produced by Rana Sarkar. As per the producer, Rhea is a perfect fit for the role he has for her in the movie.

Recently, in an interview with a news portal, Rana confirmed that his production team has a script ready and Rhea Chakraborty would be the perfect fit for one of the lead characters in the movie. The movie is a story about betrayal.

The producer also added that since Rhea is a Bengali, she speaks the language really well and that is a big plus as he has seen her past performances.

Rana also touched upon Rhea’s controversial past, specifically the last two years following the demise of her rumoured boyfriend, Sushant Singh Rajput.

Sarkar was of the opinion that Rhea’s career in the entertainment industry is being jeopardised even though she is not at fault. He went on to also say that she went through a lot of trouble in the past and is still not getting enough acting work in Mumbai. Rana Sarkar stated emphatically that Rhea is suffering because she was someone’s girlfriend and it doesn’t help her that she is a Bengali. He concluded by saying that he feels she definitely deserves better.



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