Protests against Duterte’s policies in Phnom Penh

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Phnom Penh, Dec 12 (IANS) Activists on Monday staged protests in the Cambodian capital against Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte who will be here on Tuesday on a two-day visit.

Six masked activists, reportedly Filipinos, gathered in front of the Royal Palace in downtown Phnom Penh and held up placards denouncing Duterte’s strict stance on drugs, Efe news reported.

One large sign with red lettering said: “Duterte uphold human rights and rule of law” while another said: “War on poverty, war on hunger not only on drugs”.

The flash group took out their signs and placards and two people lay down on the ground before separating and walking away after only about five minutes.

There were, however, no reports of police intervening or passers-by paying any attention.

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About 5,900 people in the Philippines have lost their lives in police operations or through vigilante activities against drug dealers since the former mayor took the presidential office on June 30.

However, Duterte still enjoys high popularity as a Pulse Asia poll conducted in October showed that 86 per cent of Filipinos trust him.



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