Protests banned in Bhopal amid spike in Covid-19 cases

Protests and processions in Madhya Pradesh’s capital Bhopal have been completely banned in view of the increase in coronavirus infections.

The events organised in places which had been shut till now would be allowed only with the permission of the state administration, but not more than 200 people would be allowed to be a part of it.

At present, in Bhopal and Indore, the number of Covid-19 patients is increasing rapidly. As many as 199 Covid patients were detected in Bhopal on Monday.

Therefore, it has been decided in the meeting of the District Crisis Management Committee that now there would be no rallies or protests allowed in the state capital in view of the spike in coronavirus cases.

Any political, cultural, social, religious, entertainment and educational events would be barred after 10.30 p.m. Also no exhibitions or fairs would be allowed.

Permission for holding certain events would be granted only under special conditions. The exhibitions which are being currently held need to follow the Covid-19 guidelines.

All swimming pools in Bhopal have been closed and would open only for sports activities and events. There would however, be no regular training programmes held here. If a person travelling from Maharashtra fails to show a Covid negative report, then he/she would have to stay in home quarantine for seven days.

It has also been decided that coaching classes could be conducted with half the capacity while extra care would be taken in following the necessary Covid guidelines. The hostels of educational institutes would remain shut. Apart from this, shopkeepers would also have to follow specific Covid-19 norms.