‘Provide Rs 1 cr, else will dethrone you,’ self-proclaimed ‘Ramkatha’ teller threatens Guj CM

A self-proclaimed Ramayana storyteller in Gujarat has threatened the Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel to dethrone him if he doesn’t provide him one crore demand within eleven days.

It hasn’t been even two months since Bhupendra Patel has held the reigns of the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The person who calls himself Batuk Morari Bapu alias Mahesh Bhagat from Banaskantha and proclaiming to be a Ramayana storyteller has demanded Rs. One crore from the Gujarat Chief Minister.

His video demanding the money from Patel went viral on Thursday. In this video, Mahesh asks the Chief Minister to furnish him with the money.

“Myself, Batuk Morari Bapu alias Mahesh Bhagat from Vav, Banaskantha, I am asking you, the Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, to provide me Rs. One crore in eleven days, by the fifth through whatever method you wish. If you don’t, then thereafter no one from Patel community will sit on that chair and you will get killed in an accident. Today is the 25th, so send me the money as ‘Dakshina’ by the 5th,” he was seen as saying in the video.

“Remember not a single rupee less should reach me. And then, Patels will restfully reign over Gujarat. But if you don’t, then friend, I will throw you out from your throne within three months,” added Mahesh.

Thereafter, at the end of the video, Mahesh makes some noise, while seemingly casting a spell on the watcher.

In his video, he has also provided his cell phone number.

It should be noted that Morari Bapu (not this one) is an altogether a different Ramayana storyteller, who is much revered in the state.



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