Provide us good quality vegetables, not rejected: MP Sardinha

South Goa Congress MP Francisco Sardinha on Tuesday asked the BJP government to supply good quality vegetables and not the ‘rejected’ ones.

While addressing a press conference at Margao in South Goa, Sardinha said that vegetable prices in the state have soared and thanked the local cultivators for giving a sigh of relief to people. “At least due to local vegetable cultivators, Goans could buy it for affordable rates,” he said.

“The Government should keep watch on rising prices. Vegetables have become costly and it should make sure that good quality vegetables are sold and not the rejected ones,” the former chief minister of Goa said.

Under Goa State Horticultural Corporation Ltd, around 1,300 vendors in the state sell vegetables which are imported from other states. Sardinha has called this import as ‘rejected’ products.

Earlier, in May, Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had also raised a doubt over ‘quality’ of vegetables supplied by other states to Goa and had urged the people to venture into the business of vegetable farming for quality, high yields and profits.

“Annually a 20 crore rupees subsidy is being paid to farmers from other states. To whom we give it (subsidy)? Farmers from other states and what type of vegetable they supply us? If I tell this (about quality) then reporters will publish it. (Hence) I will not tell. If you grow vegetables then this subsidy can be yours,” Sawant had said then.




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