Wednesday, July 24, 2024

PTI prepared for Imran Khan’s arrest in a fortnight

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has told his party leaders about his possible arrest within the next two weeks.

Accordingly, a strategy has been devised for protest in the event of Khan’s arrest, The News reported.

However, the party sources said this time the protest will be “really peaceful” and no one would go near any cantonment or military areas, the report said.

PTI sources said that for the party leaders, most of whom are still hiding to avert arrest, the direction is to participate in the protest in such a manner that none of them is arrested. It will be a protest without arrest, said a source.

No individual, whether the party’s Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi or anyone else, will be given the leadership role in the case of Khan’s arrest. The party will be run by a new core committee, names of whose members may not be even announced to avert their possible arrest, The News reported.

Most members of the old core committee have already deserted. Till now no one knows who will be the member of the new core committee. It’s a secret with Imran Khan, who has told his party leaders that in the case of his arrest the names of the new core committee members will be conveyed to all concerned.

Regarding the protest pattern and style, the PTI sources said that even that is confidential and not being disclosed to ensure it becomes successful and noticed, and not thwarted by the government. It is, however, assured that it will be really peaceful, The News reported.



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