The province is seeking public input on the Ontario Place redevelopment project. Ontarians can share their views via an online survey and virtual public information sessions. 

“Ontario Place holds a special place in the hearts and minds of Ontarians for the many family-friendly events and activities that have been enjoyed by millions over the past 50 years,” said Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries. “We want to hear how Ontarians see themselves using a redeveloped Ontario Place and what features are important to them.”

The public survey is available online through, along with information about the Ontario Place site and the redevelopment process, including the three successful participants. The survey will be open for nine weeks, closing in late October.

In addition to the survey, there will be two provincewide virtual public information sessions on October 13 and 27, which will provide additional opportunities for the public to learn about the planned redevelopment and provide input. More information about the virtual sessions, including how to pre-register, is available through

The waterfront property, made up of approximately 155 acres of land and water, served as an iconic cultural and tourism destination between from 1971 till its closure for redevelopment purposes in 2012. 

In July, the province shared details of its plan to revitalize Ontario Place.  Key heritage and recreational features of the site will be retained and integrated into the redevelopment, including the Cinesphere, the pod complex, the marina, Trillium Park and the William G. Davis Trail.

The province said a redeveloped Ontario Place will not include casinos or condos and the land will not be sold. will remain open to the public 365 days a year, with free public access and a waterfront that can be enjoyed by all. According to government data, more than one million people visit Ontario Place every year. 

Public consultations are expected to continue throughout 2022 and 2023.

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  1. Ontario Place has been a great memory for me and my family as a FREE Venue for inner city teenagers and then my family in 1970’s to the 90’s. I enjoyed the family atmosphere for FREE inner city kids had a place to get away from the city for FREE. That was the original purpose of Onatario Place. We saw FREE concerts at the Forum. My children have great memories of the play parks, mini golf, trails , Cinesphere, paddle boats, etc. The food kiosks were affordable catering to inner city budgets. The family restaurants were as well. Evening restaurants were for adults with dinners, alcohol license and live entertainment. That brought in part of the revenue for Ontario Place, as well as tourists souvenirs. Evening Special features at the Cinesphere charged for ticket sales as well as the Forum. So days were FREE with all areas open mentioned above and evening were for profit. I would like this to happen again so inner city families can have access to a memorable experience that takes them away from their lives. they need that break with their families it is so important for mental health, fresh air and exercise.
    I don’t agree with Therma Group for profit high end spa at Ontario Place. It is an insult to the whole reason Ontario Place was based on. A FREE place for inner city families to get away and environmental state of the art inventions, that still work today. Plus environmental breakthroughs are a part of the fabric of Ontario Place. Therma Group is not an environmental & inner city project. Your target group is us inner city families and environmental impacts we make on the future generations. For a better Ontario. Please make Ontario Place a place to grow up for FREE!


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