Pune, Jan 7 (IANS) Pune Police on Tuesday again won Twitterati hearts with its witty replies on the micro blogging platform.

It all started when a user posted a picture of a scooter with a crown’s picture taking much of the space on its rear registration number plate.

Police tagged the tweet and replied on @PuneCityPolice: “His Highness will unfortunately have to oblige us with a challan soon! #TrafficRules #TrafficViolation.”

It got 248 retweets and 2K likes. One user replied to @PuneCityPolice: “Whoever is handling the account, deserves appreciation. @CPPuneCity.”One user remarked: “There are so many Kings and Queens riding bikes in Pune.”

One user posted a picture of a high-end car with Sai written on the rear registration number plate. “What have you to say about this?” he asked. Prompt came the reply: “Action has taken on your complaint. An e-challan no… issued to the violator.”

And Pune Police replied: “All heading to meet the same fate!””Promptness of Pune Police – 100%; humour of Pune Police – 1,000%,” posted one user.

One Twitter user tweeted a praise: “The person behind this Twitter handle is awesome.”

A post read: “After Mumbai Police, Pune Police is gearing up on the social media in a very nice way. Shall help improve police-citizen relations. “Hope that is also maintained on road in actual. Great move.”

A netizen tweeted: “Senapati ne Rajkumar ko hi dabocha! Just reading Pune Police tweets make me feel so positive! Elsewhere, many of the policemen do not treat citizens the same way! Lots of love and wishes.”

“How about this Radha?” tweeted one user who posted a picture of another car with ‘Radha’ written on the registration number plate. Another user replied: “Seems like Radha doesn’t belong to the weaker sections. Hence, she deserves no challan by @PuneCityPolice.”

One post read: “If you do not raise the salary of the person who keeps a watch on your Twitter handle, at least give a bonus… excellent tweets.”

Earlier too, Pune Police had wowed Twitterati with witty comments on New Year’s Eve. It started after one user tweeted: “Guys LSD is allowed.” In reply, Pune Police wrote: “Tell us where to find it?”




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