Puneet Issar: “The digital platform has revolutionised entertainment”

Puneet Issar is a known face across every household in India. He essayed the role of ‘Duryodhana’ in BR Chopra’s magnum opus television show, ‘Mahabharat’. He has since then worked on many other TV shows and films but he is still first remembered as ‘Duryodhana’.

Recently in an interaction, the actor admitted that he had a hard time getting good offers and how he got stuck working on the same kind of negative roles.

As reported by HT, Puneet said, “My first film was Coolie (1983) where the unfortunate incident happened (he accidentally inflicted a serious injury on actor Amitabh Bachchan) and thereafter, I was labelled as an action guy because of my personality, though I preferred emotionally intense characters. Then fortunately, I got to play the character of Duryodhan and was able to prove that I’m an actor of repute and substance.”

Puneet Issar shares that it wasn’t easy for him to get decent offers and he got stuck playing the same kind of negative roles even though he had a hit under his belt.

Reminiscing he said, “The role became so popular and whenever people thought of a negative character, they would think of me. I got offered only negative roles which I did.”

Issar was last seen in the movie ‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’ and he believes that the OTT platform has become the game changer for the entertainment industry.

“People have become more accepting towards new thoughts. Earlier, people used to watch [and create] conventional things with the fear that the project might flop. With OTT coming in, good work is happening,” says the actor, who also wants to explore the web space. “It’s not about chasing after OTT. Agar OTT mein substantial role milega, where I can show my versatility, kyun nahin karenge? With the entry of new writers and directors, entertainment is getting better each day,” he said.

Issar added that he does not want to stick to one type of role and wants to keep reinventing himself and also wants to do work that surprises his audience. That’s one reason he is excited about the OTT medium as it is giving all kinds of actors many kinds of roles and so many opportunities.

Speaking about OTT, Puneet Issar said, “It is not a question about chasing after OTT. An actor is an actor. Agar OTT mein substantial role milega, where I can show my versatility then kyun nahin karenge. With the entry of new writers and directors, entertainment is getting better and better with each day as they are doing some amazing work.”

He also added that when a new medium comes, there will always be actors lining up for it, but this does not mean that the older medium will stop being relevant or become obsolete.

Elaborating on his point, Issar said, “For an actor, whatever good role comes your way, you just pick it up. At first, we used to do films, then television came with just Doordarshan and soon private channels started as well. Now the digital platform has revolutionised entertainment.”



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