Punjab to be renewable energy efficient: Minister Aman Arora

With a view to make Punjab more sufficient and efficient in the new and renewable energy sector, the Punjab government would initiate measures on a comprehensive scale, said newly appointed New and Renewable Energy Minister Aman Arora on Tuesday.

While chairing the first meeting of the Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) here, he said the government led by the Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann is fully committed to create an atmosphere congenial to environment, apart from boosting the modern sources of energy aided by the conventional ones.

The minister further directed the officers to focus upon setting up projects related to various new sources of energy like solar, biomass, hydel and ensuring their publicising to the optimum level.

Calling pollution a global problem, the young and energetic minister emphasised that it is the collective responsibility of all of “us to leave a clean and pollution free environment for posterity for which the new sources of energy would be harnessed thus moving ahead from the conventional sources”.

“Even the UN is laying emphasis on the issue and all countries are concentrating their energies on it,” said Arora.

The minister directed the departmental officers to explore ways for establishing new projects connected with new and renewable energy and prepare a detailed report in this regard.




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