Punjab to bring Record of Right Bill of properties

The Punjab Cabinet headed by Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Friday gave the go-ahead to introduce the Punjab Abadi Deh (Record of Right) Bill of 2021 in the ongoing budget session of the assembly.

The move is aimed at helping the state compile Record of Rights of properties within the Lal Lakir in the villages for the purpose of implementing Mission Lal Lakir, with the assistance of the Centre under its SVAMITVA Scheme. It will also help deal with the issues arising out of the rights accruing out of these properties.

Besides, this legislation will also facilitate villagers and owners to monetise property rights and avail various benefits provided by government departments, institutions and banks.

At the time of settlement and consolidation of agricultural land in the state, the ‘abadi’ in the village was placed within the Lal Lakir. No Record of Rights was prepared or created for the area within the Lal Lakir.

Possession has been considered as the ruling point for the ownership of any land within the Lal Lakir. In certain cases, some registered sale deeds have taken place on the basis of Chulha Tax, etc.

However in most of the places, the ownership of the area within the Lal Lakir is usually passed on through an informal agreement, etc., and the possession is the basis of ownership.

The Cabinet also accorded approval to amend Section 2 of the Punjab Village Common Land (Regulation) Act of 1961 to safeguard the vacant land within Abadi Deh or Lal Lakir or Gorah Deh from illegal encroachment by inserting section 2(g)(1) and sub-section 4(a) after section 2(g)(4).