Punjabi singer Harnoor releases music video ‘Chandni Raat’ set in Vancouver

Punjabi singer Harnoor says his latest track ‘Chandni Raat’, which has been shot in Vancouver, Canada, is all about the emotions of love and romance.

He says: “Chandni Raat is a track which is indeed very close to my heart. This soulful melody is best suited for a night with your loved one. We are celebrating the purity of love and two hearts coming together through this song.”

Harnoor is best known for songs such as ‘Waalian’, ‘Moonlight’, ‘Parshawan’, ‘Chan Vekhya’ and ‘Face to Face’.

Sharing his experience of shooting for the song, Harnoor said: “It was fun and also challenging because of the freezing temperatures, but the team showed their dedication and made the song a perfect package. I just can’t wait to present the song. I hope ‘Chandni Raat’ gets the love and support I have always received from my fans and followers.”

‘Chandni Raat’ has been written and composed by Karan Thabal, and produced by Mxrci.




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