Mumbai, March 6 (IANS) Actor Manish Anand will soon be seen on season two of “Pushpavalli”.

The first look of the new season, soon out on Amazon Prime Video, reveals that Manish will play the lead alongside comedian Sumukhi Suresh, who is also the creator of the series.

“Season 2 is going to be even more engaging. With mad plot twists at every corner, and the story getting more intense, this promises to be a binge-watch. The OTT space has exploded in the last five years and I’m so excited that we we are able to bring such fresh, edgy content to the viewers. We are really looking forward to the audience’s response to the new season-Season 1 had some pretty hardcore fans,” Manish said about the upcoming season of the show.

Almost three years after the release of the first instalment, Sumukhi will be back with the another season of dark comedy miniseries.

The short teaser video shows the protagonist Pushpavalli, played by Sumukhi, dressed as a bride. The background music is loud, with tears trickling down her cheeks. The show will streaming giant March 13 onward.




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