Puthiya Tamilagam to organise World Hindu Awareness meet

Founder of Puthiya Tamilagam (PT) and former legislator Dr K. Krishnasamy said that his centre right-wing party will organise a World Hindu Awareness meet in Tamil Nadu’s Senkottai on its 25th founding day on December 15.

In a statement on Saturday, Krishnasamy said that the party had organised a programme on October 28 in Chennai against the communal violence in Bangladesh, but the PT has not received enough support for the agitations and programmes it has been carrying out.

The PT also did not get any backing when it had raised concerns about the 1995 Kodiyankulam issue in which about 600 policemen raided a Dalit village and destroyed all their property and belongings which heavily impacted the villagers’ financial state.

He said that a Tamil movie ‘Karnan’ which is based on the Kodiyankulam struggle, does not mention his party’s demonstrations and concerns voiced over the issue, even though they were at the forefront of the agitation against the police forces.

Krishnasamy also said that there was no recognition of his party’s efforts in the Manjolai protests either and that no movie was made on the Kandadevi protests.

The PT leader also came out strongly against using the word ‘Jai Bhim’ as the title of the recently released Tamil movie, saying it should have been banned for using such a social liberation theme.

He said that the film evokes, caste, religious, and language animosity and also questioned the Censor Board over its functioning.

Krishnasamy said that the state government announcement of Rs 25,000 per hectare to the farmers whose crop was damaged in the recent rains was much less and called upon the government to provide a compensation of Rs 1.25 lakh/ hectare



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