Putin discusses Moscow’s security concerns with Johnson

Russian President Vladimir Putin has discussed the Ukrainian crisis and Moscow’s security proposals with the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a telephone conversation.

Both leaders exchanged views on the situation in Ukraine, with Putin drawing attention to Kiev’s non-compliance with the 2015 Minsk accords, Xinhua news agency quoted the Kremlin as saying.

Putin pointed to the “unwillingness” of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to formulate an adequate response to Russia’s security proposals, adding that the alliance was “hiding behind” its commitment to the “open door policy,” which contradicted the principle of indivisible security.

According to a statement published on the British government’s website, the leaders agreed that an escalation of the situation was “in no one’s interest.”

The prime minister stressed the importance of dialogue and diplomacy, and the need to include Ukraine in talks, the statement said.

The conversation came shortly after the US Department of Defense announced it would deploy another 3,000 additional troops to Germany, Poland, and Romania.

Johnson met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev on Tuesday, where the two discussed security issues, and in particular Russia’s military buildup on the Ukrainian border.

Since November, Kiev and its Western allies have accused Russia of amassing troops near the Ukrainian border, further pointing to the possibility of an “invasion.”

Moscow has denied such claims, adding that it had every right to mobilize troops within its borders and defend its national security.




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