Putin said to be angry at stalled efforts to conquer Ukraine

Ukraine President Zelensky remains standing, and has become a global hero for his brave dispatches from the front line — while his would-be assassins’ reported killings have brought huge disgrace and widespread grief to Chechnya, Daily Mail reported.

Russian President Putin is said to be growing increasingly angry by his stalled efforts to conquer Ukraine, and has not issued a public address in days, Daily Mail reported.

His fire and manpower vastly outnumber that of Ukraine, and it is widely believed that Russia will eventually conquer its neighbour.

The surprisingly effective defence being mounted by the smaller nation has badly tarnished Russian military prestige, with the Kremlin still a way-off their objective of seizing the capital of Kyiv and installing its own government, the report said.

Ukraine landed a significant blow on Russia Saturday after it allegedly killed a large group of bloodthirsty Chechen special forces dispatched to assassinate the country’s president Volodymyr Zelensky.

The armed group — famed for their barbaric violence and human rights abuses — are said to have been obliterated after their convoy of 56 tanks was blown to smithereens near Hostomel, just northeast of Kyiv, by Ukrainian missile fire on the second day of the Chechens’ deployment. It is unclear how many died — but the number is likely to run into the hundreds.




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