Pvt varsities allowed to open off-campus centres in UP


The Uttar Pradesh government has amended the Private Universities Act, 2017, allowing private universities to open a centre outside its main campus.

These centres will be operated and maintained as the constituent units of the universities.

According to a communique issued by Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma, who holds the education portfolio, late on Tuesday night, private universities setting up off-campus centres, however, will not have any authority to give affiliation to off-campus centres.

Allowing private universities to open off-campus centres is in consonance with the New Education Policy (NEP).

Sharma said, “The NEP calls for increase in enrolment by setting up one higher education institution in each district. New off campus centres will meet the expectations of enrolment as stated in NEP.”

Promoting private investment in higher education, the government has also allowed colleges which meet the government norms (such as additional land) to upgrade into a university, even if they are not in the name of a sponsoring authority.

Additional chief secretary, higher education, Monika S. Garg said, “Earlier, only those institutions which were in the name of sponsoring authority could apply for upgradation. Those institutions, which were in the name of degree college, had to transfer it to the sponsoring authority for upgradation into a university which involved procedural hassles.”

“We have simplified the process and institutions which are in the name of colleges will also be upgraded into a private university and its establishment will be in accordance with the Private Universities Act, 2017,” she said.

Under the other amendment which is towards granting autonomy, private universities will no longer need government’s approval while framing their first statutes. Earlier, the statutes had to be duly approved by the government.

The power of ratifying the first statutes has now been given to the university’s executive council.