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Queen Street towing project targets blockers

This week the City of Toronto – in partnership with TPS’ Parking Enforcement Unit, A-Towing, JP Towing and the TTC launched the Queen Street Rapid Removal Pilot Project.

Vehicles parked illegally in ‘No Stopping PM’ rush hour routes on Queen Street will be moved to side streets, or the opposite side of Queen Street where there is not a ‘No Stopping’ rush hour route at that time.

The pilot, which will run for several weeks, covers the afternoon rush hour between Fallingbrook Road to the east and Roncesvalles Avenue to the west.
Any vehicles that have been moved will receive a parking violation notice but the towing fee will be waived during the pilot.

Due to overall congestion in downtown, and the police pounds being located outside of the downtown area, it can take up to 90 minutes for a truck to tow one vehicle and then return for other vehicles.

Towing illegally stopped or parked vehicles during peak periods keeps traffic moving, allows for emergency vehicle access and supports the safety of all road users including cyclists and pedestrians.

The Queen Street Rapid Removal Pilot represents one way the Toronto Police Service and the City of Toronto are exploring strategies that help reduce congestion in downtown to get people where they need to go.
In 2018, the Toronto Police Service Parking Enforcement Unit issued 10,979 Parking Violation Notices and towed 2,396 vehicles from Queen Street’s rush hour routes. -CINEWS


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