‘Qurbaan Hua’ cast celebrates 300 episodes of show


The television show “Qurbaan Hua” completed 300 episodes recently, and the unit of the show, starring Rajveer Singh and Pratibha Ranta, had a small celebration to mark the milestone. The team had a cake-cutting ceremony.

“There is always a feeling of immense pride to see your show doing well and your character being loved. For us, completing 300 episodes is a really proud and overwhelming moment, especially since we have had our fair share of ups and downs,” said Pratibha.

“I would love to see our show reach the 500-episode milestone so that we could all have a bigger celebration. But I do understand that there is a lot of hard work coming our way to reach there,” she added.

Rajveer said: “I’m in a state of contentment now and this shall stay with me for a while. In fact, I am too excited to even share how I’m feeling right now because it still feels like yesterday when I just started shooting for ‘Qurbaan Hua’. And now the show has completed 300 episodes, I know we ain’t stopping here. Every actor dreams of having his show run successfully and living that dream feels all the more fascinating.”

“Qurbaan Hua” airs on Zee TV.