R Madhavan: “I earnestly follow Clint Eastwood and Amitabh Bachchan”

Actor R. Madhavan has been in the news for a few weeks now. This is due to the release of his movie, ‘Rocketry – The Nambi Effect’. The actor recently gave an interview where he spoke about the two personalities that he earnestly “follows”. He also touched upon ‘Rocketry’, which is a biopic on the life of ISRO space scientist Nambi Narayanan.

Madhavan gave an interview to the Tribune India, and during the course of the interview he spoke about the two actors that he greatly admires and why he does so.

The ‘3 Idiots’ actor said, “Clint Eastwood and Amitabh Bachchan are two persons I follow earnestly. At 91, Eastwood is still making movies that he wants to, breaking rules, winning Oscars. Amitabh sir too has always managed to stay relevant.”

He also spoke about his latest release, ‘Rocketry – The Nambi Effect’ and what went into making it. He said, “It’s a film that has been made keeping authenticity in mind. No graphics have been used, no prosthetics have been used, losing or gaining weight was natural, everything was well-researched, which takes time. It took us four years to complete.”

‘Rocketry – The Nambi Effect’ is special to Madhavan also because it is his debut directorial. The movie, chronicles the life of Nambi Narayanan from his early days as a student at Princeton University and it also explores his work in ISRO as well as the espionage allegations that besmirched his career.

The movie released in theatres on July 1, 2022 and it was simultaneously shot in Tamil, English and Hindi languages. Apart from this, it was also dubbed in Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam. R. Madhavan’s next release is ‘Dhokha-Round D Corner’, which is due to release in cinemas on September 23. The movie also stars Aparshakti Khurana, Darshan Kumar and Khushalii Kumar. It is a suspense thriller helmed by Kookie Gulati.



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