R Madhavan on the importance of being kind, caring and compassionate

New Delhi, July 25 (IANSlife) Parents are a child’s first exposure to the world. Right from conception till the time they are adults, parents mould a child to be a better human being. Kids learn valuable lessons like love, care, kindness and compassion from everyone through their experiences and face-to-face interactions at home, at school and during playtime with friends. These qualities are learnt over time and through practice, but this learning starts at home.

For father, actor and humanitarian R Madhavan, whose bundle of joy Vedaant arrived in 2005, parenting has been an all-encompassing yet rewarding journey. Reflecting on how the role of parenting has evolved given the new normal, he shares, “Unlike a year and a half ago, today’s kids are born into a very different world. One restricted to the four walls of their homes. This makes it even more important for parents to be their guide and positively influence their child’s learning and development years during these challenging times.”

Care comes in many forms, and with kids, one must take baby steps. “Encourage your child to be caring towards everyone around them– especially those that are vulnerable like their grandparents, those less fortunate or the help at home. Small steps go a long way like donating a toy they have outgrown or making their grandparents a card. If you have plants and animals at home, encourage your little ones to nurture and care for them too.”

Recently, Madhavan joined the Vicks #TouchOfCare campaign where he commended the story of the late pediatrician Dnyaneshwar Bhosale during the pandemic. ” Dr. Bhosale worked tirelessly to look after the needs of underprivileged children in his village during Covid. He was a true example of care for each one of us and the children he helped. It’s important as parents, we expose our kids to stories of heroes like him and many more healthcare workers who have displayed courage and bravery during this time,” he added.

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