Radio station alleges takeover by Taliban commander

The heads of the local Radio Khyber Nawekht in Afghanistan’s Laghman province have claimed that a local commander affiliated with the Taliban stormed into the station’s compound and took control of it after the fall of the former Ashraf Ghani government.

“On the first day the Taliban came to power, a local commander took custody of the compound,” TOLO News quoted Hamid Khyber, head of the radio station, as saying.

“In addition, the Taliban threatened the journalists to death and the operation has halted.”

Salahuddin Ahmadzai, who works at the radio station, said: “The broadcasting has stopped and our colleagues are facing a lot of challenges.”

The Khyber Nawekht Radio has broadcast for a very long time. The radio station could also be heard in some parts of Nangarhar, a neighbouring province.

The local commander has yet to provide details, but the Taliban’s Interior Ministry said that an investigation is underway.

“Our request from the people is that if the Mujahideen station themselves in their houses or offices, contact the nearby officials. They will pass on the case to us,” said Saeed Khosti, a spokesman for the Ministry.

This comes as over 150 media outlets have stopped operating within the past two months across Afghanistan.