RaGa visited Goa as tourist, can’t take his criticism seriously: Goa CM

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi visited Goa as a tourist, no one takes him seriously and therefore there is no need to respond to his criticism of the coastal state’s government, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said on Saturday.

Speaking to reporters, Sawant also commented on the series of oath-taking events organised by the Congress, in which party candidates were made to pledge against defection post-elections, saying if the Congress does not trust its own candidates, how can people of Goa trust them as MLAs.

“Do not go into Rahul Gandhi’s allegations. Rahul Gandhi will come here as a tourist and make allegations. Do not go by his accusations. I do not know what he was doing in Goa if he cannot see any development in the state. No one takes him seriously. There is no worry,” he said a day after Gandhi accused Sawant of heading a corrupt government.

Asked to comment on the affidavit signed by Congress candidates, in which they have pledged against defection, Sawant said: They have to be told again and again that they are loyal to the Congress. The Congress itself does not trust their leader, Rahul Gandhi does not trust his leaders. Once they did it (took oath) before God, before Allah, Church.

“Now they are doing it before Rahul ji. If their party has no trust in their candidate, how will people trust them. Therefore I say, people trust the BJP and its candidates.”




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