Raghav Tiwari on the importance of ‘Visit Your Relatives Day’

Actor Raghav Tiwari, who is currently seen in the television show “Hamari Wali Good News”, enjoyed virtual visits to relatives on the occasion of ‘Visit Your Relatives Day’ on Tuesday.

Due to Covid19 and lockdown, the actor hasn’t been able to meet and spend quality time with relatives. Therefore, to celebrate a family day, everyone gathered virtually.

“The day encourages family members to stay connected. Our hectic lives and today’s fast-paced lifestyle often leads to losing touch with relatives. The observance reminds us to stop for a moment, take out much-needed time and visit relatives we care for, and have not seen or spoken to for a while,” Raghav tells IANS.

He adds: “Especially now when we are fighting a war against Covid-19, the day is more significant. So, I’m paying virtual visits to my relatives and will take a check over their health and well-being.”

The actor reveals he is a very emotional person since childhood. “I’m very emotional and very strongly connected with my cousin and other relatives. Though every year we plan a family get-together, since last year it has gone missing. So, this year we decided the celebrate the occasion and cheer our moments.”

Raghav has worked in films like “Ranthambore” and “Mary Kom”.