Ragini Dwivedi breaks down during interaction with fans

Noted Sandalwood actress, Ragini Dwivedi broke down during an interaction on a social media site with her fans on Thursday.

During a 19.43 minute long clip posted on her Instagram account on Wednesday evening, she assured her fans that she would be in touch with them through videos and social media sites. “I am here to make you smile and feel good. I will be posting cooking videos and fun videos too to be in touch with you guys,” she said.

Though she captioned her post as Tears of joy… many more things to follow in 2021, it was amply clear that she was deeply hurt by receiving backlash due to her arrest in drugs related.

In her long conversation, Ragini took a subtle dig at her detractors saying “I do not know what kind of pleasure one gets by passing cheap comments on me or my family. But nevertheless, I take it on my chin and move ahead. But surely I want to ask them to go back and read their comments and want them to think again, if someone had passed such cheap comments on their family members.”

She added that she was still recovering from it. “I am still not able to sleep even if i think about it. I tell myself to be strong, never lose hope on yourself and never take a hit on yourself. Be proud about your identity,” she added while emotionally choking up.

“Yeah time will heal everything, time will bring a smile back on everyone’s face. Indeed, it was a very difficult phase, but I do not wish to elaborate it now, sometime later, we can speak about it lieasurly,” she explained.

She asserted that her family stood behind her like a rock and she is blessed to such wonderful parents.

“After a long gap, I am interacting with you (fans) as I am still in ‘slow process of healing’. There are certain things and certain issues that are best conveyed through silence,” she said.

Calling her fans as ‘Insta family’, Ragini said that she was focusing more on her health. “I do not want to speak anything about that ‘incident’ because I need some more time to speak about it,” she said hinting at her 145 days spending her time in jail in connection with the Cottonpet drugs case, which is also known as the Sandalwood drugs case.

She, however, added that when you are shaken one gains strength. “My parents taught me to be different and I lived to realise it. I also achieved,” she said.