Ragini Tandan’s ‘Jaana Ko Manana’ tells a tale of love and bickering

‘Lamberghini’ singer Ragini Tandan has collaborated with singer-songwriter and her brother Shiv Tandan for a new track titled ‘Jaana Ko Manana’. The track, which features Kashmira Irani and Vaibhav Kapatia, tells the story of a couple who gravitate towards love despite all the bickering.

The Tandan duo combine hearty, rooted sounds from the Indian traditions with light jazzy keys and bells to create a unique, rich sound. On guitars, Manan Gupta and Sparsh Dangwal create a joyful cadence, while Arjit Singh’s jazz-bends on keyboard give the song its sharp edge.

Talking about the song Ragini says, “The melody and lyrics came together with this one – just a little story that seemed to flow through us from some higher power! And it is just full of joy. It has a sprinkle of silly, with a lot of sweet. We latched on to the one thing that all modern romances have in common: everyday fights.”

Kashmira adds, “We just don’t seem to get songs like this anymore! It is as if we’ve forgotten the beauty and simplicity of feel-good songs. It’s time to bring back innocence and clear-eyed romance! This song is straight from our hearts.”

The track, produced by Manan Gupta and AGAAZZ Music, and is available to stream on YouTube.




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