Rahul Gandhi asks govt to ‘act now’ on inflation


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday asked the government to act quickly over the rising inflation in the country as the Russia-Ukraine war may further escalate prices.

“Record price rise had crushed the poor and middle class even before the Ukraine war began. It will increase further,” the Congress leader said in a tweet.

He further said that the government must ‘act now’ and ‘protect the people’.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine intensified on February 24 after Russian forces launched a major military assault on Ukraine, firing missiles on cities and military installations. Due to the war, the prices of commodities are expected to rise further in the coming times.

Sharing a brief data on the prices of commodities, Gandhi said that food prices are expected to rise by 22 per cent, Crude oil is more than $100 per barrel, while Covid continues to disrupt the global supply chain.



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