Rahul Sharma’s son is a big fan of his composition ‘Jai Hanuman’


Santoor player and musician Rahul Sharma, who has composed the music for the web series “Ramyug”, says his son loves the song “Jai Hanuman” that has been recorded for the show in Amitabh Bachchan’s voice and also features Ustaad Zakir Hussain.

“My six-year-old son Abhinav, who has started his santoor training, loves watching the song and as per the messages on social media so do most of the kids his age. The unique sand art storytelling format has appealed to the kids of today’s generation,” Rahul told IANS.

He adds that he is glad that the younger generation has taken to the song.

“Veterans around the world have been connecting with the audience through different art forms as songs, paintings, photographs, and books for centuries now. It is how we have passed on our experiences and stories. We are really glad that the song is reaching out to kids and educating them about our mythological tales of bravery and persuasion,” he says.

The song was released by Big B on Hanuman Jayanti.