Rain adds to farmers’ woes at Ghazipur border


The change in the weather conditions on Friday morning in the national capital added to the problems of the farmers sitting at the Ghazipur border in protest against the three contentious farm laws.

As rain lashed the area, the farmers rushed to secure the food items kept in tents from getting damaged. All the beddings kept in the tents also got drenched, which were later replaced with fresh ones to make sure that the agitating farmers are not inconvenienced.

The farmers said, “We are encountering some problems here with the change in the weather. The same thing happens with us while we work in the fields. We encounter such situations everyday in our lives.”

Meanwhile, the commuters had a difficult time while walking on the national highway and many vehicles were stranded. Adding to the problem is the ‘Langar Seva’ which was started on the highway. All the waste, including the oily material, gets spilled on to the road, making it slippery.

Farmers have been sitting at various borders of New Delhi since November 26 in protest against the farm laws.