Raisi urges tackling economic issues independently


Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has urged the newly-established administration to tackle economic issues independently from the recent nuclear talks aimed at the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal.

“Separating economic problems (of the country) from the nuclear talks and its results should always be considered by all members of the government, particularly by the Economic Coordination Headquarters,” said Raisi in the first cabinet meeting on Sunday.

His comments echo earlier remarks of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who called on officials to deal with the economic problems of the country independently from the US’ anti-Iran sanctions and the results of recent nuclear talks, reports xinhua news agency.

Raisi also stressed on observing the “principle of justice” in all executive directives, saying that “all government’s decisions should be justice-oriented” and the executive authority should implement the directives based on this principle.

Further, fair distribution of cash subsidies to the society’s low-income classes should be carried out through more careful planning, he noted.

As Iran’s new President, Raisi has vowed that his government will do its utmost to tackle economic problems of the country and improve livelihood of people amid the sanctions and impacts of Covid-19.