Raj police conduct identification parade of ‘Chintu, Pintu and Kalu’ as 70 donkeys go missing


In a bizarre case reported from Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan, police have had to conduct an identification parade of donkeys at a police station after 70 donkeys went missing and their owners lodged complaints of theft in the district in Khuiyan town area.

In the meantime, police found 17 donkeys and conducted their identification parade. However, their owners said they were lookalikes of their animals and refused to take them.

Earlier, soon after the complaints were registered, the police allegedly preferred to sit on them. However, a protest staged by the owners and CPI(M) workers at the police station on Tuesday evening forced the police to go in search of the missing donkeys.

While conducting this search, the police caught 15 donkeys and brought them to the police station, but their owners refused to take them as the animals did not respond to their names.

The owners said that the names of some donkeys were Chintu, Pintu and Kalu and when they called them by these names, none of these animals responded which proved that they were not their animals.

The owners staging a sit-in asked the police to leave the donkeys from where they had brought them and again asked them to get their own animals.

They said that the donkeys are their means of livelihood. They informed that the price of a donkey is about Rs 20,000 and 70 stolen donkeys means it is a theft of Rs 14 lakh. The owners said that the donkeys carry loads and their means of livelihood ended after their donkeys were stolen.

Khuiyan police station SHO Vijendra Sharma speaking to the media said “we have formed teams to trace these animals.”

CPI (M) leader Mangej Choudhary said that the reason they have to stage a sit-in is that complaints of missing animals are rising by the day.



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