Raj school students will learn chess on every 3rd Saturday

During the ‘No Bag Day’ on the third Saturday of every month in all schools across Rajasthan, students will be provided with an opportunity to play chess.

The initiative started from Bikaner on Thursday.

At a function, state Education Minister Dr. B.D. Kalla said that from November 19, this program would start simultaneously in all the schools in Rajasthan, which would be a history in itself.

This will help in the mental development of the children, the Minister said and also noted that 30 lakh sportspersons from rural areas participated in the Rajiv Gandhi Rural Olympic Games.

As announced by the Chief Minister, these games will also be organized in urban areas.

He said that with the start of ‘Chess in School’ initiative, children will get an opportunity to increase concentration, memory, discipline, self-reflection.

The Minister said that amidst the negative impact of smartphones, this initiative will be helpful in making the mind of the future generation more creative.

He said that these games would bring out champions from the school and would bring laurels to Rajasthan in the world.

Bikaner Divisional Commissioner, Dr. Neeraj K.A. Pawan said that chess will help in understanding life and having this game accessible to one crore households will bring a big change.

President of Permanent Lok Adalat, Mahesh Sharma said that for the first time in the country, this innovative initiative has been taken by a state government for the mental health and strength of the children.

During the function on Thursday, Kalla lit a torch and handed it over to the officials of the Education Department.

The Minister also started the program by playing a game of chess with the school children.




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