Raj Singh Verma joins cast of ‘Dosti Anokhi’

Popular actor Raj Singh Verma has been roped in for TV show ‘Dosti Anokhi’. He is quite happy about his new project and briefs about his role and how his entry will spice up the storyline.

He said: “My character Alok is a very ambitious guy and has a highly realistic outlook on life as he approaches everything with a practical mindset. So, instead of being upset and hurrying back home when he learns of his father’s heart attack, he came up with a more sensible approach. Many people think that he’s rigid, but that doesn’t imply that he doesn’t love or care about his family.”

The actor who has done shows such as ‘Uttaran’, ‘Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai’ and others throws more light on his character.

He added on how his entry is going to make the storyline interesting: “His return to the Mishra house after so many years shocks everybody making them wonder what his intentions are. While he tries to showcase that he has come back for the sake of his parents and seeks forgiveness, but the actual reason is something else.”

“As the story unfolds viewers will get to see another side of Alok Mishra and his true intentions behind his return. Alok’s character has a lot of layers, making it a fascinating role to play.”

On working with the cast, he shared: “There is something new to learn every time we have rehearsals and readings. Rajendra ji and Susmita ji, in particular, are such huge and experienced performers, yet they are so humble and down to earth.”

‘Dosti Anokhi’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.




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