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Rajasthan: BJP, Cong rush to rebels, independents as exit polls hint split verdict

As different exit polls for the Rajasthan Assembly elections are hinting to a split verdict in the state, Congress and BJP workers are rushing to rebel and independent candidates to play it safe in case they fall short of the majority mark.

Third front parties like the RLP, BSP, Bharatiya Adivasi Party and CPI(M) are claiming to jointly win 12 to 17 seats in the state. Besides them, about 10 independents are also certain about their victory. In case these claims turn out to be true, they will together have nearly 25 seats in their kitty and thus in case of hung assembly, these parties and independent candidates can play the role of king maker in the state.

While the BJP is claiming to win 130 seats, the party sources say that it would touch the base with support from the rebels.

The saffron party is in touch with its rebel candidate from Chittorgarh, Chandrabhan Singh Akya, who contested as a rebel after being denied ticket by the party. “Such people are our family members and we are sure that they will not go anywhere. We are very much in touch with them,” said a party leader.

Similar is the case with the Congress, which is also in constant touch with rebels and independents.

State Congress chief Govind Singh Dotasra said: “Independents have supported Congress in the last tenure and they will do the same because they have been witness to our successful tenure. However, we are sure to get a complete majority.”

Head of BJP’s state election management committee Narayan Pancharia said: “We are sure to win around 130 seats… we are confident of getting the majority, however, rebels, who have been a part of our family, are also in touch with us.”

Meanwhile, sources said that both parties have plans of political camping.

“Political tourism is a new culture and this touring by both party MLAs will start soon and will continue for at least three to four days. Party leaders like Amit Shah, J.P. Nadda, B.L. Santhosh etc are keeping their eyes on the development in the state and BJP state in charge Prahlad Joshi is apprising them of all the developments that are taking place in the state,” party sources said.

Congress would be camping its MLAs either in Karnataka or in Rajasthan itself, party sources said, adding that not the ‘Raaj’ (rule) but the ‘Rivaaj’ (tradition) of Rajasthan of transferring power to alternate hands every time “will change this time”.

While the Congress is planning to take their MLAs either to Bengaluru or somewhere in Rajasthan itself, the BJP will bank on neighbouring Gujarat to camp its MLAs, the idea is to “keep them together and safe”.



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