Thursday, July 18, 2024

Rajasthan: ‘Congress means loot shop’, says PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi on Saturday attacked the Congress terming it a ‘loot shop’ and accused Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot of securing his son’s future while ignoring the daughters and sons of the state.

“We send money for schemes from Delhi but the Congress loots it. The Congress government has damaged Rajasthan in four years and Congress leaders also know this well,” Modi said, while addressing a public rally in Bikaner’s Naurangdesar village.

“Congress only means shop of loot and market of lies,” Modi said.

He said that the farmer of Rajasthan has become the biggest victim of Congress’s politics of lies. In the last elections, Congress promised to waive off the loans of the farmers. Their leader had vowed to waive the loan in 10 days. Was the loan waived in 10 days, 10 months or else today even in 4 years, he questioned.

Addressing a rally, Modi said that the enthusiasm of the crowd present shows that the public is against the Congress in Rajasthan.

“I have come to know that some ministers and legislators have already started shifting to their own houses by vacating their government bungalows. Only Congress leaders can be so confident of their defeat,” Modi said.

He said that Rajasthan needs development, not complaints. “The whole industry of paper leak has opened here. That is, the future of the youth is being openly played,” he said.

He said that Congress when in power loots the country and when they are out of power they defame the country abroad.

He said that Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is only engaged in saving the future of his son. “CM is engaged in securing the future of his son and he does not care about sons and daughters of the state. Many ministers are angry with him for this,’ Modi said.

He said that Congress’s loot in Rajasthan has not even spared the educational institutions. “The teachers here are coming in front of the CM and saying that money is openly demanded for transfer, but no one’s hearing is held,” Modi said.

He said that Rajasthan is at the forefront for crimes against women. “Here the protectors have become predators. Rajasthan is number one in rape and the entire government is engaged in saving the rapists,” he said.

Modi inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of development projects worth Rs 24,300 crore at the meeting place in Bikaner’s Naurangdesar village.



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