Rajasthan HC confers senior designation on 26 advocates; 1 woman finds place in list


The Rajasthan High Court has conferred senior designation on 26 Advocates in exercise of the powers conferred under Section 16(2) of the Advocates Act out of which only one woman advocate, i.e. Gayatri Rathore, designated from Jaipur Bench has found a place.

Moreover, 11 Advocates are from the Principal Bench of Jodhpur, while 15 advocates are from Jaipur Bench.

The Jodhpur list includes Sanjeev Johari, Manoj Bhandari, Dhirendra Singh, Manish Shishodia, Kuldeep Mathur, Dr. Ashok Soni, Sachin Acharya, Rajesh Panwar, Vineet Jain Dr. Vikas Balia and Sandeep Shah.

The Jaipur list includes Arvind Kumar Gupta, Ajeet Kumar Bhandari, Anant Kasliwal, Satyendra Kumar Gupta, Mahendra Kumar Shah, Ajay Kumar, Bharat Vyas, Syed Shahid Hasan, Raghuvendra Bihari Mathur, Madhav Mitra Sharma, Anil Mehta, Gayatri Rathore, Vivekraj Singh Bajwa, Rajeev Surana and Sanjay Jhanwar.

Speaking to IANS, Gayatri Rathore said: “It’s an honour for me. In the history of Rajasthan High Court, I am the first woman lawyer to be appointed as a senior advocate. This has come after over 30 years of practice and hard work after being registered in 1990 as a lawyer.”



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