Jaipur, Feb 5 (IANS) Rajasthan Royals ran a successful three-day camp for their junior boys team, the Royal Colts, in Jaipur. The camp was attended by the Rajasthan Royals’ batting coach Amol Muzumdar and head physio John Gloster.

The focus of the camp was on the all-round development of the young boys, from cricket and fitness, to the development of certain life-skills. The first day of the camp was headed by Gloster.

The objective through the course of the day was to strengthen bonding between the players, facilitate better communication, while having a significant focus on overall fitness to maximise the cricketing output.

The second day of the camp was headed by Amol Muzumdar, supported by John. The focus here was to push the young players to their limits and to work on developing their technical skills and cricketing intelligence. The day included some intense fielding and net sessions, with individual feedback and analysis from Amol and the local coaches. The day included match-scenarios and training the mind for pressure situations.

The camp was concluded with a match against the Pankaj Singh Academy. One of the purposes of the camp was to select 2-3 net bowlers to be part of the Rajasthan Royals set up during IPL 2020 and this was successfully achieved with three players being selected.

The final session of the camp was led by Swaroop Savanur on “How to handle success and failure”. This session was aimed to share life skills with youngsters on succeeding in life. The interactive session was attended by both Royals Colts and Royal Sparks where they were given examples from cricket and sports field making them learn how to deal with successes and failures in sports and life in general.

Jake Lush McCrum, Chief Operating Officer of Rajasthan Royals was pleased with the progress and the development the Royals Colts have shown during the camp. He added: “The camp was a great success. We are happy to provide the talent coming through Rajasthan an opportunity and we are delighted to see the progress they have made.

“The presence of Amol and John was critical to ensuring the highest standard of coaching and development for these players and I’m delighted that we have found 3 who can be net bowlers for us this year. The boys showed tremendous effort and commitment during the camp with a strong desire to learn and develop their skills.”




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