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Rajasthan’s rogue Godara, eludes authorities in Bollywood-style escape; trail leads to US, Canada

In a daring escape that reads like the script of a Bollywood thriller, the notorious criminal Rohit Godara, hailing from Rajasthan has managed to give the Indian authorities the slip using the ‘Dunki’ method.

Rohit Godara, a resident of Bikaner’s Lunkaran is on the run ever since his name popped up in the Karni Sena president Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi’s murder case and his trail is leading to Canada.

Despite having more than three dozen serious cases against him since 2010, Rohit Godara has successfully travelled through multiple countries, employing the clandestine method known as ‘Dunki’ that involves a strategic series of stops to exploit weaknesses in visa systems and immigration regulations.

Speculation about Godara’s location is rife, with sources suggesting he might have successfully evaded authorities in multiple states and is currently hiding out in Canada or the US.

According to sources, it is also possible that he might be enroute to the US or Canada via Europe, as his call to the shooters last month showed his location in southwestern Europe.

Godara’s escape after claiming responsibility for Gogamedi’s killing in a Facebook post has once again highlighted the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in the era of globalised crime.

While the authenticity of the post remains unverified, it underscores the brazen confidence of the fugitive, who is known for demanding extortion money in the range of Rs 5 crore to Rs 17 crore from businessmen in Rajasthan.

However, Godara’s criminal activities extend beyond regional boundaries, as revealed by his involvement in the murder of Delhi BJP leader Surender Matiala in April.

Recently, Delhi Police apprehended eight criminals, including minors and sharpshooters, connected to the Kapil Sangwan-Rohit Godara gang. They were reportedly hired by gangsters Kapil alias Nandu and Rohit Godara of the Lawrence Bishnoi-Sampat Nehra gang, highlighting the far-reaching influence of the criminal network.

“Nandu and Godara had earlier told them to commit the murder of Surender Matiala in order to spread terror in the locality and to weaken the rival Manjit Mahal gang. Sampat Nehra arranged the shooters with the help of his recruiting agents in Rajasthan. They were given the job of murdering a top gangster belonging to the rival Neeraj Bawana gang,” the Special Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch) Ravindra Singh Yadav had said.

With more than 32 criminal cases against him nationwide, Godara is a wanted man in connection with high-profile murders, including that of rapper Sidhu Moose Wala and gangster Raju Thehat. His audacious escape from Delhi to Dubai with a fake passport on June 13, and an Interpol Red Notice issued against him, only heightened the international intrigue surrounding this elusive criminal.

As law enforcement agencies around the globe intensify their efforts to apprehend Godara, his escape remains a testament to the challenges posed by criminals who operate across borders, leaving a trail of mayhem and mystery in their wake.



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