Rajendra Gupta was teary-eyed in emotional ‘Dosti Anokhi’ scene

‘Dosti Anokhi’ actor Rajendra Gupta says it is very important to value those people or relations that stood by us in our difficult times.

And the ongoing sequence in the show is a reflection of this thought only.

He opens up about his view on the storyline saying: “There are often times when our hardships bring us down and we find ourselves surrounded by roadblocks. Especially when one is at an age where they feel helpless and can’t help but depend on their kids for support.”

“As a parent, your entire life revolves around the child and one can go to any extent to ensure they are happy. Even as they grow old, their kids’ interests lie before their own. And, in return all parents want just one thing i.e. for their kids to just be there for them as a support.”

He further adds: “My character Jagannath Mishra is a very conservative man who stands by his principles but at the same time has a considerate side which makes him always help people. He never expects anything in return for this, but is deeply hurt when he doesn’t receive any support from his kids when he is in a difficult situation.”

The actor shares how he got emotional during the shoot. “When the scene was narrated I was left teary eyed as it’s a very emotional moment. Life is unpredictable and so our relationships. When you are at your worst, that’s the time you realize and understand the value of relationships and people. Those unique ones who stand by us as our pillar of strength in our difficult times should be treasured, I believe,” he concludes.

‘Dosti Anokhi’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.




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