Raje’s questions BJP’s silence when her son’s office was attacked

As Rajasthan BJP has intensified its protest against the attack on BJP state president Satish Poonia, former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has questioned the party’s silence when her son and Rajasthan MP Dushyant Singh’s office was attacked.

On Tuesday, the BJP MLAs called a meeting to strategise to gherao the Congress government during the Assembly session on issues like Alwar rape, REET cheat, etc.

During the meeting, Raje did not deliver a speech, but raised questions about the party’s silence during the attack on Dushyant Singh’s office.

According to party sources, during the legislature party meeting, a discussion was being held to fight unitedly (like a family) over the attack on Satish Poonia’s car.

Former CM Vasundhara Raje was quick to react to the statement and said that Dushyant Singh’s office in Baran was also attacked a few days back.

“Where had the family matter gone at that time and why no one said anything? Why did the party not take a stand?”

Vasundhara Raje refused to speak during the meeting and did not give any formal speech.

It needs to be mentioned here that Dushyant Singh’s office was attacked by a group of party workers who pelted stones after the BJP’s defeat in the Baran zila parishad elections post cross voting by one vote. At that time, apart from the Vasundhara Raje camp, the rest of the leaders did not show much activity nor did they announce a sit-in demonstration.

When Raje expressed her displeasure at the silence of the party workers on the attack, the senior party workers explained to her that both matters were different.

“In Baran, the BJP party workers pelted stones at Dushyant’s house against cross voting for one vote. However, now, state president Satish Poonia’s car was attacked by the Congress workers as he has been attacking the state government over the REET cheat issue,” they told her.




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