Rajesh Shringarpure on fitness regime to acquire look of mighty Malhar Rao Holkar

Rajesh Shringarpure plays Subedaar Malhar Rao Holkar in “Punyashlok Ahilyabai”, a role that demands the actor to look fit, sturdy and strong, and he focuses a lot on his fitness routine.

“For me, fitness means being flexible, strong and having the strength and stamina, so that I can give my 100 per cent throughout the day. I believe it takes sheer discipline and dedication when it comes to health and living our best life,” he says.

“To play Malhar Rao, I am expected to have a muscular and strong look, for which I do weight-lifts at least three to four times a week. On other days, I engage in rigorous cardio exercises. I practice intermittent fasting and eat only homecooked food. Additionally, I make sure to complete at least 10k steps everyday as it helps me to avoid a sedentary lifestyle,” he adds.

He concludes: “We shouldn’t forget to identify what works best for our respective body types and follow that religiously.”

“Punyashlok Ahilyabai” airs on Sony Entertainment Television.