Rajit Dev makes you dance to his tune on ‘Bijlee Bijlee’

Choreographer Rajit Dev says that it took him 15 minutes to crack the hook step of his new music video ‘Bijlee Bijlee’.

He was recently in Goa and the song’s singer Hardy Sandhu called him on stage. “I was in Goa for my friend’s wedding and we happened to go for Hardy Sandhu’s concert. While performing he saw me in the audience and we waved at each other. He called me on stage for his finale song which was ‘Bijlee Bijlee’ and introduced me to the whole crowd as the choreographer of this hit track,” he said.

That moment was very special for him.

“My respect for him just went up. We both danced to the song on stage. You can see in the video that he literally pushes me to go ahead of him and dance. That speaks about his personality as an artist. I’ve become a fan of Hardy Sandhu not because of what he did with me, but because he performed for two and a half hours and didn’t stop even when it was raining,” he said.

The song was their first collaboration. “He knew me and was very excited to work with me. During rehearsals, I had promised him not to worry and that I would make him look good. I think now the association has become very strong,” said Rajit.

The song ‘Bijlee’ has become quite popular and he feels very good and blessed that he got those moves at the right time for the right song. “It took me 15 minutes to crack the hook step. The song was so catchy that steps kept flowing with it,” he said.

He grew up watching the best music videos on MTV, Channel V and Vh1. “Nowadays, music videos can show you a film in 5 minutes, so yes it’s a great way to explore. For me, everything depends on what the song is. If it’s a dance number, the steps have to be right. The visuals and story have to be perfect. I just make sure that after watching the song, one should get something out of it,” he said.




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