Rajnath awards Defence Estates personnel for survey of 17.78L acres of land

For the first time post Independence, the Defence Ministry successfully carried out survey of 17.78 lakh acres of defence land using modern technologies. Lauding the achievement, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has honoured 11 officers and 24 personnel of 38 Defence Estates Offices and four Assistant Defence Estates Offices.

Singh awarded the personnel of Defence Estates here on Thursday for their contribution in the successful completion of survey.

As per the records maintained by the Defence Estates Office, the Ministry of Defence owns about 17.99 lakh acres of land, of which 1.61 lakh acres of land is located within 62 notified cantonments across the country.

About 16.38 lakh acres of land is spread across many pockets outside the cantonments. Out of 16.38 lakh acres land, about 18,000 acres is either state hired land or is proposed for deletion from records on account of transfer to other government departments.

The survey work of 17.78 lakh acres of land has been completed which is a significant achievement, as for the first time post independence the entire defence land was surveyed in coordination with revenue authorities of various state governments using the latest survey techniques.

Congratulating the award winners, Singh commended the Defence Estates personnel for completing the exercise in adverse weather conditions at uninhabited remote places, amidst the threat of Covid-19 pandemic.

He termed the survey as historic and exuded confidence that the clear demarcation of defence land will prove to be crucial for the security and development of these areas.

He added that the accuracy of the measurement of land and the reliable records born out of the survey will save considerable amount of energy, money and time that goes into resolving land disputes.

Singh lauded the Directorate General Defence Estates (DGDE) for using drone imagery, satellite imagery and 3D modelling techniques in such a survey for the first time, which, he said, has made the results even more accurate and reliable.

The survey used modern survey techniques such as Electronic Total Station and Differential Global Positioning System. Drone and satellite imagery based surveys were also conducted to get accurate and time-bound results.

He underlined the importance of survey and land records, describing it as the basis of development in any area, state or nation.

“In the last 200-300 years, the knowledge of survey has played an important role in the journeys of those who managed to establish their dominance around the world. Therefore, it is a matter of great satisfaction and happiness that today our country is moving forward in the field of land survey with modern methods, which will ensure protection of defence land and cantonment areas,” he said.

Singh highlighted the important role played by cantonment areas in the socio-economic and cultural development of the country.

“Today, when the government proposes an allocation of Rs 173 crore in its budget for the construction of boundaries on defence land, it does not only mean financial grant, it also symbolises our commitment to save and develop the cantonment areas. In this context, this survey was extremely important,” he added.




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