Rajveer Singh had a hidden collection of 150 comics


Actor Rajveer Singh says before he discovered his love for acting, he had already been consumed by the love for reading — especially comic books and novels.

“Comic books and novels have played a very vital role in my life. When I was in ninth standard, I got so attracted to comics that I used to spend my entire day reading them,” shares the actor.

He recalls how his love for comics would also get him into trouble.

“This went on for almost six months and when I got the results of my pre-boards, where I clearly didn’t perform well, my mother got to know everything. At that point of time, I had almost 150 comics, which were hidden in my room at different places, so that my mother couldn’t find them. She made sure I got rid of the comics, little did she know there were a hundred more hidden!” he says.

He emphasises on the need to read. “I’m not a collector today, but I’m an actor and she has a huge smile on her face. I really feel people should read more, especially during lockdown when we have time. It will surely broaden your perspective and help you grow,” says Rajveer, who is seen as Neel in the Zee TV show “Qurbaan Hua”.