Rajveer Singh: Have realised a father is the only friend one has

As the world celebrates Father’s Day on Sunday, television actor Rajveer Singh says he and his father are introverts but their bond strengthened over the past few months.

“We are close to each other but somehow there has always been a sense of respect towards him, which kept us distanced from each other. But during lockdown, things changed — especially when I got the news of him getting Corona. I packed my bags and took a 20-day break to take care of him. One good thing that happened during this whole period was that I got closer to him,” Rajveer said.

“While taking care of him, we got a chance to speak our hearts out, which is a rare since both of us are introverts. We don’t really express our affection towards each other, but now it’s slightly different. I honestly never told him how much I love him, maybe because it would have gotten awkward,” he added.

Rajveer says he has inculcated his father’s sense of discipline, adding that he understands now the role a father plays in a son’s life.

“No matter how much we try to learn from our fathers, we can never be as wise as them. At this age, I’ve finally understood that a father is the only friend that one can have, irrespective of how close you get to others. Initially, he was in the Indian Army, after which he joined the Indian Police post retirement. Being in the Army, he always led a disciplined life and for the past 25 five years, I’ve been seeing him wake up at 4.30 am and diligently run 5 kilometres in order to stay fit. Somehow that discipline has been instilled in me as well, maybe because I’ve seen him following it regularly,” said Rajveer.

“I would also like to tell all my fans, please make sure you give as much love as possible to your fathers, not just on this day, but every day,” said the actor, who plays Neel in the Zee TV show “Qurbaan Hua”.