Rajya Sabha recorded 102% productivity in winter session

As the Rajya Sabha was adjourned sine die on Friday, the last day of the winter session, the productivity of the session was recorded at 102 per cent.

According to Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar, in 13 sittings, the functional time was 64 hours and 50 minutes against the total scheduled time of 63 hours and 26 minutes, while the productivity was 102 per cent.

In the 13 sittings, 82 starred questions were answered, and response to 1,920 unstarred questions were tabled.

A total of nine Bills were passed/returned during the session after 28 hours of discussion in which 160 members took part.

“In my first address on December 7, I had reflected that the ‘House of Elders’, though not part of the official glossary, amply reflect uniquely significant importance of this institution. The nation justifiably expects the House of Elders to take decisive, directional lead in reaffirming and enhancing the core values of the Republic and setting up the traditions of Parliamentary democracy exemplifying the highest deliberative and emulative standards,” Dhankhar said.




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