Rakhi Sawant supports Sajid Khan: ‘Unka gunaah 4 saal se sabit hua nahi hai’

Former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Rakhi Sawant has come out in support of filmmaker and #MeToo accused Sajid Khan.

Many actresses and models had come forward and raised their voice against Sajid, the younger brother of filmmaker Farah Khan, for exploiting his position of power.

Sajid has been accused of sexual assault allegations which includes flashing his private parts at parties, asking female actors to send him their nude pictures as part of the casting process and watching porn in front of women.

A video taken by celebrity paparazzi Viral Bhayani shows Rakhi talking about “nirvastra” women accusing Sajid.

Rakhi said: “Puri duniya ek tarak ho jaye, phir bhi main akele Sajid Khan ko support isiliye karungi, ki abhi tak unka gunaah jo hai who chaar saal se sabit hua nahi hai. 4 saal ka unka career tabaah hogaya hai, koi film unhone kari nahi hai. He was in a depression. (Even if the world is against Sajid, I will support him as accusations against him have not been proven. For the past four years, he did not do a single film and was in depression).”

She then sang: “Jiska koi nahi uska toh khuda hai yaaro.”

Rakhi then added, “Khudha ne mujhe banaya hai. Jo bekasoor hai uska saath dene ke liye. Agar koi kasoor hai, court usse kasoorwar therata hai, toh main bhi chappal leke khadi hoon fir. (God has sent me to help the innocent. If someone is guilty and the court convicts him, then I will not spare him).”

“Kisi bhi ladki ke saath yeh nahi hona chhaiye. Par Jin jin ladkion ne dosh lagaya hai, aap unka background dekhiye. Nirvastra. Unke photoshoot dekhiye (No girl should ever go through this ordeal. The women who have accused Sajid of the wrongdoings, you should see their backgrounds).”




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