Rakhi Sawant’s ‘husband’ posts pictures of his wedding, first wife


Rakhi Sawant’s marriage has always been a mystery and her husband Ritesh’s public appearance on ‘Bigg Boss 15’ has only heightened the speculation about his place in the reality TV star’s life.

The buzz has turned into a social media frenzy, thanks to some pictures posted on a Twitter handle going by the name of Ritesh Singh. The owner of the Twitter handle, who claims to be Rakhi’s husband, has posted photos from what he says was his wedding and more with his wife and child.

This pictures are in sync with Rakhi’s revelation ‘Bigg Boss 14’ that her husband was married before.

In his caption, he writes: “Sorry guys for this but makers have told me to do so I have done for my courier [career] and future. So pls don’t spread hate for me. I am simple guy. @BiggBoss see in this matter I am very shameful because of u. Sorry to all #BiggBoss15 fans. I am exposed.”

This revelation comes in the wake of speculation on social media that the man claiming to be Rakhi’s husband is actually a camera person from the reality show. These pictures therefore have raised more questions than answers.

Are these the pictures of the man Rakhi is parading as her husband? If they are, how was he able to post these pictures on social media from the Bigg Boss house, where there’s no connectivity? Is this yet another publicity stunt to lift the flagging interest in the reality show hosted by Salman Khan?

The line between ‘reality’ and the invention of a creative mind is very thin on reality TV, so the pictures have only deepened the mystery about the marriage of the person most famously associated with ‘Bigg Boss’ from its very first season.



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