Rakul Preet Singh talks about her favourite sport: “I make time for golf”

At a charity event in the US, recently, Bollywood actor Rakul Preet Singh was spotted playing golf along with legendary ex-cricketer Kapil Dev and spiritual maestro Sadhguru.

Given her posture and the way she struck the golf ball it was clear that she has both an interest and an aptitude for the sport.

Times of India, got in touch with the ‘Runway 34’ actress and asked her about it. In response she said, “I started playing golf when I was young. I must have been about 10 or 11 years old when I went to the golf course for the first time. It became an integral part of my growing up years. In fact, by the time I reached high school, I was playing in the nationals junior circuit. I still remember I would go to the golf course everyday after school and practice. It was a part of my daily routine.”

Rakul continued to say, “Ever since I became an actor, I have barely had the time to really play golf. It’s a time-consuming sport but once you are addicted to it, it will be a part of your life for as long as you live. You develop muscle memory for it and whenever you get a chance, you will go for it. Even though it’s occasional, I make time for golf.”

When she was asked why she didn’t pursue golf after high school when she had so much interest in it, Rakul said, “As a kid, at the outset, I used to hate playing golf. In fact, I used to think that this is a game for senior people. But my father never took no for an answer and he cultivated my interest in this sport. He got me hooked on the game for life. Today, I don’t have that kind of time and there is no golf course close to Bandra where I live. So, I can’t practice golf as frequently as I would have loved to. And even though it’s once in a few months, I lap up the opportunity to play. I still remember going for tournaments and being professionally coached to play.”

Talking further about why she gave up pursuing golf professionally, Rakul said, “One of the reasons I didn’t pursue the sport professionally is that I was bitten by the acting bug. I wanted to pursue modelling and acting. By the time I reached high school, I was deeply tanned. I gave up golf, and being on the golf-course and went after my dream which I am living today.”



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